About Us

In 1972, all what a craftsman had is literally their hand and few hand tools. That is what we call Old School


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Our story

The story of our company dates back to 1972, with our father LaId Abidi when he was a stone mason, laying natural stone on farmhouses and working as a concrete finisher, pouring foundations and slabs.

All of the houses he built are still standing firm.

I was 4  years old when I was with my dad on some property tying rebars and laying cinder block.

As time had passed, and as I started to get older, at the age of 10, I always went with my father to his job, when I had no school, to help him clean and hand him little things such as small rocks and tools. I always admired his patience with every stone he was pitching with his wooden handle hammer  to have it perfectly square and lay it.

I saw my father working hard to provide for us, and with this mixture of sympathy and joy I found around him, I fell in love with the trade. I learned every detail from him.

As I got older, I went to college to study humanities, I never forgot our legacy, our family legacy; Construction, stone, foundations, concrete an tile work. 

In 2012, After I graduated  from college, we saw the need to address the remodeling restoration business.

We started performing restoration work on old masonry such as chimneys and brick houses.

In last few years we decided to include our interior services to full house remodels, bathrooms and kitchens.

Now, we build new additions and perform a variety of  repairs on houses and buildings.

We are proud of every product we install. We keep our principles as our business pillars; Quality, Trustworthiness and communication, all to provide our clients with the best experience

We are serving the Springfield Mo metro and surrounding area. We, everyday,  work so hard to deliver the best quality services and products.

Our day starts with reviewing the previous day performance and ends with making sure everything is done right and follow ups with our clients.

We document every step of our project with pictures and videos and we keep our customers up to date by sending them emails if they allow us to.

Every step counts and no short cuts.  We take our time to ensure great quality and customer satisfaction. It takes real dedication and special connection with the project to implement the plan.

It has been, and it always will be a great pleasure to serve home owners in Springfield Missouri and the surrounding areas for their home repairs, restorations, home remodels and masonry services’ needs.

We strive every day to make your life better  by helping you with your home project.

We are always here to listen to you and provide you with the best advice to move to the next step with clarity and confidence.